Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Is it me or has money become the overall focus of our time and become the main theme for humanity lately? It appears as if everything has a price tag attached and, therefore, has some created value. When did life become so much about money and not about the quality of life. The next time you're having a conversation, or just listening in on one, make a mental note as to how many times money is discussed and it will probably be staggering.

I'm here to tell you that this is an indication of society's spiritual disconnection. WE have come to believe that money is our Hail Mary to happiness. If you have more money, do you really have more happiness or are you just able to have access to the Greater Goodies. You may be able to afford to pay other people to appear as if they care about you or are perhaps it should be termed accordingly as mutual usership.
 What has happened to compassion, kindness, respect, and other behaviors that characterized and defined an individual? These are attributes that shouldn't have to be listed under our "job description" requirements.

There was a time when it was considered impolite to discuss money, then again there was a time when manners mattered. Oh, how times been a changin, and can anyone say "pull up your **&*&*$ pants." In my life, integrity meant something, but I suppose that has been bought and sold out for the quick fix and the "mine" mentality that has eroded our fundamental foundation. The love of money, or shall I say, our current perception of value, has cast a very dark spell upon humanity and I hope to see an adjustment in our attitudes. This, however, is going to require people to regain consciousness.

I am aware that money is a necessity for our system of exchange. This method of exchange is supposed to be used as a tool but has begun to feel like a weapon. We need to ask ourselves what do we really need and what do we really want and at what cost? Perhaps we can apply for grant money to build more qualified mental institutions that will certainly not lack in occupancy. There is a reason why many of us, myself included, are living in these financially difficult times. Do you ever ask yourself what the purpose of life is or have you just allowed yourself to become a well trained, conditioned consumer that is trying to buy your happiness at the next sale? I like a good sale to accommodate my needs and enjoy getting more for less. However, things can only provide so much comfort.

I find that being something is better than having something. Maybe we could combine more goods and deeds and see if the results turn into good deeds. Society is becoming more selfish than I would care to admit and I hope that the application of good deeds doesn't find itself as part of an endangered species. This is a spiritual wake-up call that is indicative of where our values reside. Perhaps when this absolute nightmare of an economy recovers and changes, we will be able to discover who we are and what is of value. Maybe a little love of thy neighbor could be readily available, if needed. I sincerely believe the purpose of life is about love and about how to love unconditionally. This, by all means is no small undertaking, but it starts with sharing and genuinely caring. These financial challenges are the spiritual growing pains that have manifested from continual doses of self indulgence. Our lives will change for the better when we have changed our minds about what is really best. No one is superior or better when we allow the suffering of others because of an acutely malnourished value system. Please God, make us better than that.

Monday, August 29, 2011